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I'm a graduate in Audiovisual Communication and I've been working in cinema and commercial shootings as 2nd AD for more than 15 yerars. During this period I've worked both in Spanish and international productions, and I've learned from directors as Mateo Gil, Rodrigo Cortés, Silvia Quer, Agustí Villaronga and Jorge Dorado, among others.

Over the past few years, I've been working as CASTING DIRECTOR in fiction and commercial projects, among which are "More the Merrier" by Paco Caballero"Foodie Love" by Isabel Coixet,  "The Occupant" by David & Alex Pastor, "Te quiero, imbécil" by Laura Mañá and "The Distances" by Elena Trapé.

I deeply believe that you learn this job by working hard and in different projects, and that instinct, patience and empathy with the director are essential to have a good cast, as well as big respect for actresses and actors.

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